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"Jonathan is curious, self-motivated, and tenacious. When presented with a problem to solve, he cannot resist throwing himself into the exploration which, given his depth of knowledge, usually leads to a efficient solution.

He is proficient in all stages of a development work cycle, from initial estimates, to more detailed specification writing, to execution, code writing and testing, which makes him a valuable asset on a development team. He's also a great team member - a positive, articulate communicator who gives and accepts feedback with ease.

At Advomatic, we build large, complex Drupal systems, and Jonathan has worked on our most complicated projects, steadily delivering clean, working code in record time. He is a pleasure to work with and I can recommend him with no reservations."
Monical-Lisa Mills, VP Client Services, Advomatic

"Jonathan has been an indispensable developer in so many projects we've worked on together, medium to large. He's often the go-to guy when complex custom functionality is required, and he's always eager to roll up his sleeves, take ownership, and sweat the details. In the Drupal world, there's hardly an important subsystem or module out there without a patch or insight by grndlvl. Jonathan has a deep working knowledge of Drupal internals and cares greatly about its success as a project. I can't recall how many times a cloud of indecision was lifted after an in-depth conversation with him about various technical options. In all, Jonathan is a standout developer who is committed to his team, clients, and work."
Marco Carbone, Associate Director of IT/Internet Technology, ACLU

“Jonathan is bright and passionate about his work. He doesn't approach work as just tasks - he truly cares about providing the best solution for the problem, short-term and long-term. He's been a pleasure to work with and watch grow as a coder.”
Felicia Haynes, Director of Web Development, Morris DigitalWorks

“Jonathan has abilities far beyond his years. He is truly a natural talent and often advises even the senior developers. I would not hesitate to work with him again in any capacity.”
Josh Mace, Web Designer, Morris DigitalWorks

“Jonathan is a very skilled Drupal and Joomla web developer. His skills as a web developer utilizing PHP and MacOS X platform are highly exceptional. He has provided a lot of insight on how to setup and maintain PHP-driven web sites on the Linux/Apache platform.”
Michael Worsham, Senior System Administrator, Systems Engineer, Morris DigitalWorks

“I've worked with Jonathan on several projects and found him to be a very dedicated and hard working professional. He is easy to work with and very focused on his work.”
Angelia Spell, Project Manager, Morris DigitalWorks

“Jonathan was an excellent student who learned quickly and did great work. He is a pleasant person with a strong work ethic. I would recommend for positions that require strong programming skills.”
Joe Sepielli, Adjunct Instructor, Augusta Tech

“Jonathan is a heavy hitter on any team he's on. He's the kind of guy that can step in and you know it'll be done (and done correctly). He takes a lot of pride and ownership in his work. As a Drupal developer, he knows its ins and outs like nobody's business. He knows the Forms API so well that he can explain it better than their own handbook.”
Tobby Hagler, Technical Manager, Morris Digitalworks

In response to The New York State Senate
"This is fantastic! I know Jonathan DeLaigle, who worked on this site. It's super cool to see some very talented developers I know make it to the front page of d.o!"
David Fugate, Owner, CompanyName.TV

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